Liberalism Provides Asia’s Latest Starting Line That Makes A Difference

Ever since winning the Philippines because process and individual rights went outside the window. In three months over 2,000 people are murdered with the boon of the Malacanang Palace. In Thailand, more than two years on from a temporary military coup, the Hong Kong democracy activist Joshua Wong was prevented from entering the country, evidently at […]

Taxes On Sugary Drinks Are Not Enough To Stop March Obesity In Asia

Facing falling markets in western nations, multinational Authorities are striking back in obesity risk factors, such as foods that are unhealthy. Singapore, which may have as many as one million inhabitants with diabetes by 2050, today requires soda manufacturers to decrease sugar content. Obesity and other lifestyle related ailments have become a silent long term […]

How Asia-Pacific Can Lead Migrants And Refugees

September has witnessed a surge of global summits. First arrived that the G20 at Hangzhou, afterward ASEAN and the East Asia summit at Vientiane, and the Pacific islands forum at Pohnpei. It is simple to be sceptical of talkfests, however the New York summits carried particular significance. They reveal that forced migration is now an […]